About Us

We Bake Cakes With Love!

At Cutie Pie, we're not just baking cakes, we're crafting celebrations. Each cake is a labor of love, a sweet centerpiece designed to make your milestones memorable. We believe in the power of a sweet bite t to turn any occasion into a festivity. This is why we mix the finest ingredients with a generous amount of care and affection. Our cakes aren't just treats—they're handcrafted delights, baked to add that extra sprinkle of joy to your precious moments. Come on in and let us add a slice of happiness to your day!


The Journey Of Cutie Pie


CutiePie believes in adding lustre to your life with its pleasant and signature sweetness. We make cakes with irreplaceable passion and dedication because we know they bring loving smiles and heart-warming delight to your beloveds. There lies the beauty and essence of life!


Fouzi, with her creative mind wandering from creative paintings to relishable delicacies, finally realized her passion for baking and cake making. This moment of epiphany urged her to ‘knead her way’ to the world of cake making and she garnered many certifications for the same within a short span of time. Adding to her mastery, specialized courses from India and Europe bloomed her into a patissier. The burning passion took the form of CutiePie In 2013 in Alappuzha with the intention to give the best quality customized cakes to the sweet-toothed ones. Fouzi’s sincere efforts became an instant success as what she made was not just cakes – they were ‘melt-in-mouth’ unforgettable moments!

Now, CutiePie has several branches spread all over Kerala – a mark of its authentic taste, dedication and innovative exploration to the world of true delight.

Our Mantra

CutiePie is just not a Cake Shop! It’s the abode where we work for your happiness, celebrating your precious moments – every day, every minute! We have the finest artisans who carve out new flavours to load your taste buds with joy and the technical know-how and state-of-the-art infrastructure to give you fresh cakes every time you wish for one. CutiePie gives uncompromising attention to quality. We have standardised all our processes from selection and sourcing of first quality raw materials from far and wide – some of our raw materials come from international suppliers to keep the exotic uniqueness of our cakes. CutiePie maintains standardised and stringent rules in each phase and facet of its function till it reaches your hands and fills your homes with pleasure. Cakes par excellence – that’s our strength and our mantra.

It's our joy to play a part in the celebration of your little one. Listening is what we do best, especially when it comes to the unique characters and color combinations that spark their imagination. With every cake, we aim to capture those dreams and craft them into reality. Bring us your ideas, no matter how big or small, and we'll bake them to life with skill and a warm touch!

It’s Our Passion for Novelty!

CutiePie is the harbinger of goodness and gaiety spearheaded by professionals who create exemplary pieces of bliss. Every cake we make has the benchmark of quality and the taste you yearn. We create nostalgic, tailor-made flavours adding more sparkle to your journey ahead. Truffles, gateaux, tart or exclusive kids’ cakes – we make them from our hearts for you. They come garnished with extra ingredients of pure love, prayers and blessings!

Joining hands with Fouzi, the life line of CutiePie, the team consists of expert and experienced cake makers carefully hand-picked to make each cake a long-cherished experience. This devoted team works round the clock to create aesthetic pieces of cakes to suit any occasion you can remember.
The team constantly escalates in their expertise by renewing and refreshing their skills through many up skill courses in the realm. The CutiePie team aims at nothing less than perfected perfection because each customer is unique for them.

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